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Start right - Learn about your puppy!

Setting your puppy up for success starts with learning all about their development.

Our new puppy sessions are designed to help you avoid common problems and are ideal for new or inexperienced owners.


At My Dogs Best Friend we understand that getting a new puppy can be a daunting experience for many first-time pet owners.  That is why we designed our new puppy session.  This theory based session aims to provide you with the knowledge and understanding you will need to help avoid common problems that many new puppy owners can face. 

Similarly, pet owners taking on adult dogs for the first time would also benefit from our new dog session.  We fully support rehoming from the many rescue centres and charities here in Northern Ireland and are able to offer a discount.


New Puppy or Dog Session

Sessions last for approx. 1 hour

Pre-Pet Consult


New Puppy Session


New Dog Session


Discounts are available for new rescue dog owners - call Al on 07989387407 for more details

When training is fun for you and your dog, it is much more effective.

In conjunction with an appropriate exercise routine, training your dog will provide much needed mental stimulation and result in an extremely tired and content dog.  What's the benefit? Relaxed and content dogs are usually much better behaved!

Our training and behaviour modification methods are based on extensive research and knowledge of how dogs learn; we never employ any unpleasant or aversive techniques.

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  • Clear and easy to understand
  • Helping first-time pet carers
  • Making puppyhood stress free
  • Preventing puppy problems


“I was having second thoughts about our new puppy, he was running riot. Al explained why and it all just clicked, amazing..”

John, Lurgan


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